Focus Issues

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[li] Fostering strong family and community partnerships[/li]
[li]Securing adequate and sustainable funding[/li]
[li]Providing a secure and inviting learning environment[/li]
[li]Attracting and retaining committed, experienced educators[/li]
[li]Ensuring fiscal responsibility with our investments[/li]


Characteristics of a great school system

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[li]Focuses on a strong curriculum in ELA and mathematics.  Emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, but recognizes importance of art and music instruction[/li]
[li]Maintains high standards for student behavior [/li]
[li]Provides programs for struggling or special needs children[/li]
[li]Provides programs for high achieving students [/li]

[li]Encourages parental involvement[/li]

Student Goals

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[li]Good study habits and self-discipline[/li]
[li]Strong critical thinking skills [/li]
[li]Strong verbal and written communication skills[/li]
[li]Prepared for college or career [/li]
[li]Identifies interests and pursues their talents on their own[/li]

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